Neighbour Disputes

Whether you have recently moved home or have been living in your property for over ten years, neighbour disputes are a real issue that often require legal action to be taken.

Whilst we do not often consider that neighbour disputes may be something we have to deal with, according to Halifax Home Insurance, they are on the rise, with one in three people complaining about their neighbours.  With many stating that the people they live next door to are a bigger influence on a decision to move house than schools, neighbours have a significant impact on home buyers.  Furthermore, one in ten people have said that poor relations with their neighbours have influenced their decision to move to a new home.

But what are neighbour disputes?  From loud music played until the early hours of the morning to aggressive behaviour, below are the top six disputes that generate the highest number of complaints;

  1. Noise – whether your neighbour is completing DIY and home renovations or playing loud music late into the night, noise is one of the most common reasons for complaints to be filed by neighbours.
  2. Pet Complaints – From dogs barking late into the night to cats scavenging through your bins, noisy and dirty pets provide grounds for complaints.
  3. Invasion of Privacy – Invasion of privacy comes in many forms; from your neighbour’s children peering through your windows to security cameras, if you feel your privacy is being invaded, you may have a good argument to complain.
  4. Inconsiderate Parking – If your neighbour constantly parks in front of your driveway or house and blocks your access to your garage or prevents you from being able to leave your property, you have the right to complain.
  5. Anti-Social Behaviour – anti-social behaviour including abusive language, shouting or domestic abuse cases should not go unnoticed. In severe circumstances the police may need to be contacted to resolve these issues.
  6. Messy gardens and properties – whether it is an overgrown hedge or a rubbish spilled across the front garden, messy gardens and properties warrants a complaint.

Whilst some of these disputes may be easily resolved through informal communication with your neighbour, some cases may not be solved as easily.  According to Gov.UK, if you have issues with your neighbour, you should try the following steps to resolve matters;

  1. Talk to your neighbour
  2. Contact their/your landlord
  3. Take advantage of a mediation service
  4. Complain to the local council
  5. Contact the police
  6. Take legal action

Here at BWL we understand that legal action may often be a last resort for some, however due to the stress and anxiety that neighbour disputes can bring, it is often necessary.

Our highly skilled and professional lawyers are on hand to support you through your dispute, providing a practical and sensible solution to resolve said circumstances.

Whether it is an overgrown tree or an issue with noise levels, our litigation team are here to support you and offer a bespoke service.

If you are having issues with your neighbour that you have been unsuccessful in solving, contact us today to discuss your case with us and see how we can help you.

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