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Legal representation

Legal representation

From preparing your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney, to dealing with the estates of loved-ones, and more – At Beor Wilson Lloyd we have the skill and ability to deal with all of your Private Client needs in an empathetic and calm manner.

We provide unparalleled advice to ensure that your affairs will be in order after your death. Wills are something that many people put off preparing until it is too late. A Will is the only way that you can ensure that you leave your possessions to those that you really care about and to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for after your days. You may be surprised to know that if you do not make a Will your estate will not necessarily go to who you think it might. In certain circumstances, if you do not make a Will, your estate will go to the Government. AVOID THE UNCERTAINTY BY MAKING A WILL!

Wills for Married Couples/Partners
We provide expert advice in discussing your family’s requirements and assist you in making informed decisions as to the most appropriate way for your Will to be drafted. If you are in a relationship, we will advise you and your spouse/civil partner/partner in the preparation of Wills that are individually tailored to your circumstances, so that your loved-ones future is safeguarded.

Tax Planning Wills
Are you concerned that the Government will be able to tax your estate after your days? If not, you should be. We provide clear and sensible advice as to the tax position that may face your estate and assess whether anything can be done to reduce the tax burden that your beneficiaries may face after your days. A carefully drafted Will together with consideration of appropriate trusts and lifetime gifts can all come together to minimise or possibly eliminate your estate’s tax liability.

Powers of attorney
Powers of Attorney
Are you planning on going away for a period but need someone to temporarily handle your affairs? Perhaps you have a relative who does not have the mobility to be able to handle their own finances? If so, we can assist in drawing up a Power of Attorney which allows you to nominate someone to handle some or all your affairs.

Lasting Powers of Attorney
Are you worried about what might happen if you lose the mental capacity to be able to handle your affairs? Do you have such concerns about loved ones in your family? Do you ever wonder who would be able to make decisions regarding your property, finances, health and welfare should you be unable to? It is of course true to say that no-one likes to consider such situations, but we all know that they can and do arise.

These concerns can affect anyone, with the future being much more manageable if steps are taken beforehand to deal with such issues. The preparation of a Lasting Power of Attorney will help address these concerns, helping to solve problems before they happen.

Applications for Deputyship
If you are experiencing difficulties in assisting a loved one who has lost mental capacity in handling their affairs (perhaps because they did not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney in place), we offer the guidance that you need to ensure that you are able to handle a loved-one’s affairs, without having to endure the complexities of Court procedure yourself. Deputyship Applications can be complicated and time consuming; leaving such Applications to us will leave you the time to deal with the other issue that may be more pressing on a day to day basis.
Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney
If you know someone who is starting to lose the mental capacity to handle their own affairs but they have an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) in place, then it is probably time to register it. We will guide you through this sometimes distressing process, allowing you the time to concentrate on the issues that matter.

Grants of Probate
When you lose a loved one, the pain and distress that can be caused is immense. However, there are legal and practical matters that must be dealt with. If you lose a loved-one who owns land/property then it is usually necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate. Our specialist team will assist you in taking care of the legal and practical requirements at this most difficult time.

Administration of Estates
If you have suffered a bereavement, you may be too distressed to deal with the time-consuming exercise of collecting in the assets, paying off debts and distributing remaining assets. By allowing us to help you, the stress and complexities are minimised, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones.
Will Disputes
Are you aggrieved by what a relative has left you or your family in their Will? Do you believe that the Will of a loved-one is not valid, or that it does not reflect the true wishes of the deceased? Alternatively, is the Will of a loved-one being challenged by someone who was not mentioned in it? Early advice is paramount in disputes of this nature, as things can turn unpleasant (and expensive) extremely quickly. Take the heat away from yourself and let us handle the matter, providing you with expert guidance, advise and support.

Claims under the Inheritance Act
Under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975, certain categories of people are entitled to make a claim against the estate of a deceased. If you feel aggrieved by how little (if anything) you have been left in a Will, having been dependent upon the deceased, our Team will advise on your entitlement and pursue your claim to ensure that your rights are fully recognised by the estate.

Alternatively, is an estate that you a beneficiary of being challenged or is someone claiming that they were a dependant of the deceased before their death, when in fact they were not. Again, we can advise you on the law and procedure, representing your best interest to ensure the right outcome.
Declaration of trust
Declarations of Trust
If you jointly own property and need assistance in declaring what share of the proceeds each co-owner of the property is entitled to, then look no further than our Private Client Team.

We can help you with will writing and power of attorney.

For help with will writing and power of attorney, call the experienced lawyers from BWL Solicitors in Swansea.  





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