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Debt recovery

Debt recovery

The Litigation Team at BWL understand that debt is a difficult issue. Often, creditors feel uncomfortable dealing with their bad debtors personally. Our Team members will not only advise upon the methods of recovering debts but offer practical solutions which can often result in debts being settled without the need for formal court action.

We are able to assist all manner of clients, from relatively low value “one-off” claims through to considerable debt retrievals for established companies.

We appreciate that our clients may have an ongoing relationship with the debtor and therefore do not wish to alienate the debtor. We also understand that bad debts can cripple cash-flow and will therefore do all that is possible to get the matter resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

If recovering the debt proves to be unsuccessful, we are able to guide you through the steps necessary to issue bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor. We can advise you of the procedure and rules which must be adhered to, in order to provide the best chance of successfully recouping the maximum possible sums from the debtor, with minimum fuss.

Efficient debt recovery requires competence and very regular client contact. Our Team are knowledgeable, helpful and approachable, keeping you informed of progress on a regular basis.

Our approach is tried, tested and tailor-made to our individual client’s needs – put simply, it works.
Breach of Contract
Whatever the situation, from renting a house to starting a new job, having a written contract is always a good idea. However, no matter how well drafted a contract may be, it cannot prevent an unforeseen breach by another party.

If you enter into a contract and you feel that it has been breached, there are different solutions depending upon your circumstances. Our Litigation Team will take a pragmatic view when assessing your individual circumstances and advise you as to what is the best course of action. Our individual, personalised approach is designed to ensure that your needs are the priority.

Our Team have the legal understanding and industry awareness to provide you with the solutions that are right for you.

Our know-how and familiarity with this complex area of litigation will aid in the swift settlement of contractual disputes, often without the need for costly Court action.
Professional Negligence
When you use the services of a professional – be it a lawyer, architect, builder, surveyor or anyone else – they bring with them an expected level of service, which you are entitled to expect.

This is particularly true where they are entrusted to deal with a specialist matter which you may have little or no experience with. Using professional services should not end up costing you money. If the failure of a professional has caused you to suffer a loss, our Litigation Team will consider your personal circumstances, assess your losses and case plan a solution that aims to minimise your losses and recover your outlay.

We have acted for numerous clients in many different kinds of professional negligence claims, with individualised “client care” being at the forefront of our service.

If negotiations to resolve the matter do not prove successful, Court action may be the only realistic option available. Our qualified Team have years of practical experience in dealing with the complexities of the court system, knowing who to see to get the job done. Knowledge is however only part of the story; a practical outlook and an ability to use the system to your advantage are also required to make sure you have the best outcome possible.
Boundary Disputes/Neighbour Disputes
Boundary or Neighbour disputes are difficult for all involved and can cause clients significant stress and anxiety. From cases involving complicated issues – such as adverse possession, party wall agreements or disputed boundary lines, to the simple case of a neighbours overgrown hedge or tree – a practical, sensitive approach is essential, backed up with an in-depth knowledge of the law.

Our Litigation Team can offer all of this. We know that in many cases you will have to continue to live next to the person that you are in dispute with. This is another specific area where one solution certainly does not fit all.

This is why (as with all of the other services we offer) an individualised approach is taken to your issue. Options are made available to you, together with our advice and assistance to ensure that you have all the information necessary to decide on the very best course of action to resolve your dispute, with the minimum of fuss and at a cost proportionate to the dispute.
wall crack
Building Disputes
Irrespective of the financial value of a claim, building disputes can rapidly become time-consuming, stressful and expensive.

The Litigation Team are highly experienced in assessing the viability of claims for loss if building work goes wrong, identifying the person at fault and then either negotiating or litigating a settlement.

Our Team frequently deal with claims arising from work which is defective or of poor workmanship; where work has taken longer than it should, or cost more than quoted. Irrespective of whether a formal written contract has been signed, the potential for recovery of any losses remains.

We offer professional advice from a Team who understand your individual requirements . We will consider your personal circumstances, assess your losses and case plan a solution that aims to minimise any on-going losses and recover your outlay.
Family law

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